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Our Dental Fees

We Follow the New 2019 Dental Fee Guide!

Are you concerned about the high cost of Dental Fees?

Good news! as of June 1, 2019, High River Dental Centre now follows the New 2019 Dental Fee Guide as provided by the Alberta Dental Association & College and the Alberta Government. This way, you know that you are being charged the lowest fees for our General and Family Dental Services as outlined in the fee guide.

At High River Dental Centre, we have always been competitive with our dental fees, yet we felt that it is important during these tough economic time to make sure that our fees are in line with the recommended fee guide. It is always our goal to be fair and reasonable in the fees that we charge our dental patients, however, factors involved with running a business, such as overhead, hiring the best staff as well as the high cost of modern dental technology, this way we can ensure that we are competitive with other local dental practices.

This is why we typically review our fees annually to make sure we are offering our patients fair and reasonable prices.

What Are Your Typical Fees?

In the table below, you can compare our prices for popular dental services to the 2019 Dental Fee Guide.

For the full Fee Guide, please visit the ADA&C website to download the Fee Guide.

Code Procedure Our fee Fee Guide
01101 Child’s new patient exam (primary dentition) $71.17 $71.17
01102 Examination (mixed dentition) $97.00 $97.00
01103 Adult’s new patient exam (permanent dentition) $104.48 $101.48
01202 Recall exam (check-up for an existing patient) $64.19 $64.19
02111 Single periapical x-ray $27.60 $27.60 *
02144 Four bitewing x-rays $78.37 $78.37 *
02601 Panoramic x-ray $88.32 $88.32
11101 1 unit of polishing $59.84 $59.84 *
12101 Fluoride Treatment $28.99 $28.99
11113 Three units of scaling $201.48 $201.48 *
13401 Sealant (First Tooth) $32.63 $32.63
23111 Front tooth: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling) $136.51 $136.51
23112 Front tooth: 2 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling) $163.40 $163.40
23321 Molar: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling) $149.60 $149.60
23324 Molar: 4 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling) $306.24 $306.24
33111 Routine one canal root canal (non-difficult) $662.15 $662.15
33141 Routine four canal root canal (non-difficult) $1,423.30 $1,423.30
71101 Removal of a single tooth (uncomplicated) $134.33 $134.33
71211 Removal of a single tooth (surgical with bone removal) $264.13 $264.13
72231 Removal of a single tooth (complete bone impaction) $479.00 $479.00

* Some codes in the same category will also match the fee guide (e.g., three scaling units vs. four scaling units)

Some Considerations

Please be aware that not all procedures are listed as professional fees. The cost for these services vary based on the associated lab costs and depend upon the complexity of the treatment the patient requires. If you have questions about our fees or what a specific procedure costs, then we encourage you to call our office to arrange a visit with one of our dentists to evaluate your oral health and the condition of your teeth so that we can provide a more accurate estimate.

Learn More about our Dental Fee Guide Billing at High River Dental

If you have any questions about dental insurance and finances or our payment methods, please call us at (403) 652-2182!

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